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Art & Graphic Design

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symmetrical leaf pattern resembling an insect triangulated frog symmetrical ginko leaf pattern triangulated lion symmetrical leaf pattern triangulated snake Oxnard Harbor Kiosk Poster luche libre poster Black and white bull silhouette Flyer for Military Benefit Program Flyer for Military Family Fundraiser Program painting of a boy poster in memory of dead family member magazine sample about dogsmagaine sample for Wildlife Waystation Animal Sanctuary in California

Wildlife Waystion Magazines

  1. Last Year of the Tiger? Issue (pdf)
  2. Big Bad Wolf... Really? (pdf)
  3. Birds of Prey (pdf)
  4. Oh, The Diversity (pdf)
  5. A Day In The Life (pdf)
printer ink logo country rustic cafe logo elegant upscale bakery logo so good it is sinful Sinful Delights Gourmet Bakery menu Chef logo using tableware to make the buisness intials Fine oil logo using a stylized tree Handsome Carvers logo done to look historic from early 1900's artistic logo made from rope twisted in the words Harbor Boat Type Design for China tourism logo for financial advisor logo concept for kids boutique Illustration of humans vision Scorpion illustration with painting style Scorpion illustration with a dark red overtone and painting style Rooster illustration Rooster illustration using different colors Scuba Tank Sticker Designs Trade Show scuba Ads Full Page Scuba Christmas Ad for Dive Shop Scuba Santa Custom Scuba Store Sign illustration of jerk not covering his huge cough illustration of pregnant couple kissing simplified illustration of Ben Franklin Illustration of two vixens dog trainer business card Dog Trainer Logo leave brittney alone inspired drawing for some reason self portrait drawing burst grid design with fun character blasting text dark bauhaus inspired grid design red clean modern grid design simple 3d mesh grid design dark neon grid design hardware catalog cover designview the catalog pdf dog trainer business card ad for gift shop Scuba themed calendarview the calendar pdf abstract painting logo for Rec 2 Tec scuba diving abstract bugs bunny maybe abstract Taz or Charlie Brown maybe abstract TMNT or Sponge Bob maybe

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