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About Me & Holy Frijole Graphics

me worm cartoon drinking

I like being active and having an overall healthy lifestyle, but desire more chill days. I like being around people, but require me time. I never was big into alcohol which seems like I'm going to get beat up for admitting such a social sin, but will drink a little on rare occasions. I can depend on shows like Impractical Jokers to give me a good laugh. More recently I got into investing and stay busy learning about stocks, crypto, and digital collectables from VeVe.

My top political issues I worry about are guns, covid, and climate mitigation. My NFT projects are nature themed and my hope is you like them, but not as much as the real thing. I hope to give a fresh take on nature and critters to shine a new light on how beautiful and important they are.

Also I like to talk politics, and continue to learn. Listening just to your like minded views makes you stagnant instead of challenging your beliefs from time to time. Meanwhile, to ignore politics allows the corruption to continue unchallenged. Neither are good in my opinion. Stop whining in private about it, and to be engaged is the only way to make things better‐assuming you can control your anger and focus on being curious when it's your turn to listen. Hot heads make talking politics uncomfortable, but it shouldn't be that way. However, I admit, If someone online gets nasty, then I temporarily tend to match their energy, but push on with my point. With that said, I plan to make more political art in the future that may be abrassive for some. My goal is to not offend people and be a troll for the sake of being a troll. My goal is to raise arguments I feel strongly about. My art may speak louder than my words and I want to stay engaged. We need our governments to fix things, but we also need to push them to. Too many corrupt politicians to not supervise them. No, not Jan 6th style, peaceful style.


About HFG

mariachi character

Holy Frijole Graphics (HFG) is an art portfolio packed full of my drawings, paintings, photographs, and graphic design work. Included is my client work which sits alongside my personal work on the main portfolio page. I will continue to post new work and some may be more political in the future because I think we should be able to talk about anything.

HFG is hard working, delightfully grungy, often fun spirited, sometime serious in nature, and not afraid to discuss hot topics at times. Yet even with devisive pieces there could be some humor.

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I'm Also a Web Developer


You should consider me if you are a small to medium size business looking for a well rounded web designer that provides a solid foundation for your online presence. I do responsive coding with accessibility in mind to help boost your S.E.O. rankings and to increase your online reach.

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