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Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Welcome to Holy Frijole Graphics

I am a website developer, graphic designer, and artist. 🎨

I like the blockchain and NFTs. I even created NFT fan art. 🔗

I'm artfully political too! I will argue with you tactfully on hot topics and believe we should engage with the opposing side more. Being siloed in similar thought is dumb. 🤡

I worry about the increasing costs from climate change inaction on the physical, pyschological and our economies. View and buy my nature themed digital art. 🌎


Sampled Work

abstract Taz from Looney Toons Scorpion illustration with a dark red overtone and painting style illustration of jerk not covering his huge cough grungy animation of Spiderman hanging by his web leave brittney alone inspired drawing for some reason simple 3d mesh grid design Flyer for Military Benefit Program logo for Rec 2 Tec scuba diving
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fox low poly art polar bear low poly art lizard low poly art

An evolving NFT project exlporing animals beauty and power through triangular art

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dog low poly art

Fall Patterns

An ongoing NFT project exploring natures beauty reimagined through symmetrical remixes.

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