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Scuba Santa

Scuba Diving Santa

Full page print ad with custom vector illustrations for a dive shop around Christmas.

Painted text on weathered wood

Harbor Type

A photography and graphic design exploration of the many catchy names and they fonts used on boats in the harbor.

geometric snowflakes

Grid: Geometric Snowflakes

An exloration series playing with type on grids

Catalog for parts

Hardware Catalog

Scuba Photo Calendar

Bikini Atoll Calendar

That's paradise... we should bomb it! A collobaritive project with professional photograper Joe Dovala

menu for gourmet bakery

Sinful Delights Menu

harbor cruise flyer

Scarlett Belle Cruises

scuba tradeshow ad

Scuba Tradeshow Ad

illustration a sexy woman

What is Beauty?

illustration collage of uncovered cough which is really rude

Uncovered Cough

Sneeze into your elbow jerks!

geometric cat


Modern geometric close up of a cat.

geometric dog


Modern geometric close up of a golden retriever.

Storefront window logo

Xtreme Scuba Sign

My first job out of college. I created the storefront sign that shows off many of the brands they sell as a backdrop.

Scuba Tank Inspection stickers

Xtreme Scuba VIP Tank Stickers

Visual Inspection stickers.

Scuba Santa Illustration

Scuba Santa

Vector illustration in the works of scuba santa which would be part of a full page ad.

A retro depiction of humans eyesight

Retro Vision

A retro illustration of a humans peripheral view.

Ben Franklin


A reduced illustration of Mr. Franklin.

Tradeshow standee

Tradeshow Standee

Scuba drysuit undergarment layering system to keep you warm.